Memorandum of Understanding

Strategy and Vision

Based upon the successful collaboration in the Erasmus+ E-CR.A.F.T: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Arts for Future Teaching project, the signing organisations engage themselves to create a European network to enhance and promote exchange and collaboration regarding creative and entrepreneurial skills development, qualification, training and upskilling in the cultural and creative and educational sectors. 

The initial network is established under the umbrella of the Istituto Superiore Caselli. The aim is to grow the initiative to a larger group of organisations and an effective communication platform. The initial group of signing partners in the network commit to establish a coordination group that will animate the network, develop the action plan, mobilise and invite new partners to join, and facilitate and support the implementation of joint activities according to the agreed roles and objectives.

Participation in the network is a voluntary commitment without a formal adhesion. The steering group will elaborate the agreement for joint activities and inclusion of new partners and social stakeholders. The partnership will thus explore suitable ways to sustain the network, including formal agreements, as deemed appropriate for the constituent group of partners.

In this understanding, the signatories of the MoU are associated with the deployment of the stated objectives and intentions of the network.

School Declaration