Multiplier Events


Conform held a Multiplier Event in its offices on the 20th October, 2023. It was attended by 45 people who were students or HE Professors. Following an excursus on E-CRAFT project, the role of teachers at the centre of the teaching innovation process and the project results were presented. The students and professors had an opportunity to identify, discuss and share solutions for cutting edge digital laboratory teaching. They were able to see the digital skills required by University teaching staff, and not only, to hold effective online classes in today’s world.

The ISTITUTO ABATE ZANETTI held their multiplier event on 30th January 2024. 22 people were present. They were stakeholders, artisans and entrepreneurs working with glass. The different project phases and outputs were presented to the participants, who greatly appreciated the idea of the project that had as its first objective to continue to carry on the dialogue between the School of glass and the Venetian reality. The guests appreciated the novelty of the idea that responds to the needs of the new market and, even earlier, the possibility of being able to count on young people who want to do and experience new things.

The Istituto Superiore Caselli held its multiplier event on the 17th January, 2024. It was attended by 20 stakeholders and policy makers in representation of the education sector (schools, Universities), the Public Administration and members of the general public. Following an excursus on the E-CRAFT project, its aims and objectives, the Head Teacher presented all of the project results and impacts on his teachers and students. Representatives of European partner schools then presented activities undertaken in their countries and highlighted the aspects of the competition between the partner schools that saw the students involved combining their creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills in the international challenge.


The 3rd Upper High School of Nea Filadelfeia held their multiplier event on the 10th January 2024. 35 people participated in the event. They were Headmasters, Teachers and Vocational Teachers. The participants were shown the project outputs and the project website. Particular attention was paid to the competition with students presenting their pitch.

AKMI held their multiplier event on the 24th January 2024. It was organized in collaboration with the municipality of Llioupoli who provided the space and disseminated the event among their network. 21 people in representation of Authorities/ municipal representatives, educators (from various fields: art/music/ VET/etc) and stakeholders were present. They were form different areas and schools in Athens. All project outputs were presented and extremely positive feedback was received.


ASECOM held their multiplier event at the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid on the 26th October, 2023. It was organised within the Fashion Workshop of trends and was attended by 25 people in person and 12 online. Participants who were interested in internationalization, entrepreneurship and art, in this case fashion showed great interest in the project and its outputs and were able to obtain more information about the project from a stand set up especially for the project.

COLEGIO CAUDE held its multiplier event on the 31st January 2024 on school premises. 100 people were present. 3 facilitators and 10 students directly involved in the contest and the e-learning modules then presented the project and its outputs. Students then proceeded to show the pitch they had prepared for the competition.


Escola das Virtudes, Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore held their multiplier event on the 8th January 2024. 17 people were present. Following a presentation of the project and its outputs a session dedicated to allow the participants to log into the learning environment and have an opportunity to look at the course materials and take some of the quizzes to test their knowledge. Feedback received was very positive. They found the tools simple and easy to use. They also enjoyed the use of Virtual Reality.

MODATEX held their multiplier event on the 25th January 2024. It was attended by 16 people who were digital entrepreneurs, owners of small workshops (for example dressmaking), digital workers, employed/unemployed adults who wanted to set up their own business and other relevant stakeholders. Participants were shown a presentation of the E-CRAFT project, the learning platform and then the results achieved. They were able to examine the possibilities of using the resources in their own projects.